We take customer feedback very seriously. As part of our approach to obtaining feedback from our service users, we undertake ongoing surveys and consolidate these into a Customer Satisfaction Index each month. The results of this survey are then published as a pdf file on our website each month, and shared with our Local Authority partners. The current survey results can be downloaded using the links on the right.

Our survey methodology is as follows:

  • Surveys are sent to approximately 40 service users per month.
  • Each service user is asked to rate our service in 4 key areas: Overall Satisfaction; Punctuality; Reliability and Helpfulness of Office Staff. There is a section beneath the questions to add any other comments:
    • "How satisfied are you with the service you receive from Oxford House Community Care?" (Very Satisfied; Satisfied; Dissatisfied; Very Dissatisfied);
    • "Does your Care Worker arrive on time?" (Always; Never; Nearly Always);
    • "How reliable is your Care Worker?"(Very Reliable; Reliable; Unreliable; Very Unreliable); and
    • "If you call the office, how helpful are the staff that you deal with?" (Very Helpful; Helpful; Unhelpful; Very Unhelpful).
  • The surveys are anonymous, but coded for any essential follow ups.
  • Each service user receives a pre-paid stamp addressed envelope to the managing partner, marked confidential.
  • Any issues, compliments or complaints are responded to immediately with the service user and/or the Care Worker.
  • We incorporate the feedback into Care Worker supervisions and appraisals.