David H

Dear all at Oxford House

Thank you all for the care and kindness you all showed my Mum over the last few years at Oxford House. It is always a difficult decision to leave a loved one in the care of someone else but I know now we had no need to be worried as the staff were like a second family to my Mum.

Thank you all so much

David H

The Residents

To all staff

Thank you so much for the glorious happy day you allowed us all to share on the occasion of the very lovely Royal Wedding.

Thank you again from all the Residents

Len B

To all the staff

Many thanks for all your help and kindness during my stay.

Best Wishes

Len B

Pam and family

To All at Oxford House

Thank you so much for all the care you have given my Mother and I would like you all to know this is much appreciated by the family.

Thank you

Love from Pam and family

Keith & Wadsana, Robert & Christine

Mrs M's family wish to thank all the staff of Oxford House who cared for her from 2003 until she passed away on ......2010, just nine days before her 80th birthday. Your patience, compassion, understanding and love made her feel comfortable, safe and secure in her last years, and for that we will be eternally grateful. We are fully aware that some of you may have been on the receiving end of Mum's temper once in a while (probably more often than that!); if so, we hope you know that she had a great deal of affection for each and every one of you and she frequently commented on how lovely you were. In fact, she became so attached to the people of Oxford House that she was reluctant to leave the place that had become her home, even for the shortest of periods. It's comforting to know she was so happy and content during the most vulnerable time of her life.

In addition, thanks for the warm welcome we always received while visiting both our parents at Oxford House; we hope to see you all again very soon.

Best regards,

Keith & Wadsana, Robert & Christine

Jenny A

Dear All

I would like to thank everyone for the care bestowed upon my Aunt in the time she was at Oxford House.

She unfailingly always praised the staff everytime we visited her and we were very confident that she was always properly looked after.

Thank you again.

Jenny A

Family of a resident

I cannot speak too highly of the staff at Oxford House and the care which they provided to my Mother. They treat her with dignity and respect and show her genuine affection in a way that cannot be faked. My wife and I know that when she is no longer with you we will have the considerable comfort of knowing that she was well cared for in a happy and relaxed atmosphere. In looking after Mum staff also involve us as part of the process and take into account our needs, making us feel that we are also part of caring for her.

Thank you. You are an inspiration to how older people should be looked after.

Family of a resident (comments card)

Linda, Keith and Percy

Dear Angela & Staff

Just a little note to express our sincere thanks to you all your staff at Oxford House for caring for Doris R over the past five years. We could be naming special people especially those that Mum, due to her blindness could recognise the voice and sense their dedication and kindness to her, but you all work as a team and therefore our heartfelt thanks go to you all.

Please pass these thanks on to Rita and Karan who often prepared different food in the kitchen to encourage Mum to eat, which was so appreciated by us.

A special thank you from me (Linda) for the kindness shown to me from the staff on duty last weekend and for all the cups of tea, that bhelped me get through this very sad time.

All that is left for me to say is Thank You All So Very Much - we will never forget your care and kindness to our Mum & My Wife and special thanks for always making us feel welcome.

Love, thanks and very best wishes to you all,

Linda, Keith and Percy

Jo & Brian

To ALL the staff at Oxford House

The purpose of this letter is to thank you all for the care and consideration in looking after Avril.

Although it may have seemed that she was always complaining we know that she was truly appreciative of the care that she got from the Oxford House Team.

We would like to echo those sentiments and thank you for making her last year comfortable, amusing and caring.

Thank you so much,

Love, thanks and very best wishes to you all,

Jo & Brian


Hi Angela

Thanks you so much for offering the room so that we can celebrate Mum's 90th Birthday. We would be very please to accept and wonder if the 6th February would be suitable. If so could we start at 2:30pm. Obviously we understand that we would not be able to use the kitchen but if we provide milk, tea, coffee and suger etc would your staff be willing to make our guests drinks. We will bring the food and cake plus paper plates ans serviettes.

Is there a maximum amount of people that could come?

I will speak with you next time I see you, thanks again

regards Val

Eric (and Jenny), Richard (and Christine),
Pam (and Bob)

Dear Everybody at Oxford House

On behalf of Eric, Richard and myself I would like to say how extremely touched we were to see you at St Mary's Church, Farnham Royal for the funeral of our Mother on Friday. It was a beautiful Thanksgiving Service given by the Rev. Graham Saunders and Mum would have been very proud. She also would have loved the Tribute given by Rev. Jeremy Sewell (Jem) and had a little chuckle in certain passages for sure!. (We were sorry not to see you afterwards but of course understand why you were unable to come to the refreshments)....

It goes without saying we also are very grateful for all the care, love and respect you showed to our Mum during the time she was at Oxford House - so much appreciated by us all .......

Meanwhile, we hope we can keep in touch in some way and cannot thank you enough for the support you have all given in this very difficult period for the family.

Very appreciatively yours and with love from

Eric (and Jenny), Richard (and Christine), Pam (and Bob) x x x

Michelle and Carol

Dear Angela and all the staff at Oxford House

Carol and Michelle would like to thank you all for your comfort and kindness on the passing of our dear Mum.

Although Mum's stay was a short one, in that time we saw how dedicated staff were to their duties.

This thank you extends to you, Angela, and your wonderful, caring and compassionate team who tended mum and kept Carol and me in teas and coffee and biscuits.

Thank you

Michelle and Carol

Family of a resident

To Angela and all the staff

With all our grateful thanks for all the care and support you gave Mum and all of us during her stay with you. You all made her last few years very happy, comfortable and companionable, and it was truly her home.

With love and best wishes from all the family


Cathy and Cyril

To All

Can't thank you enough for all your kindness shown to my mum over the last 15 months that she had been with you. Cyril and I really appreciate it, everyone showed he great kindness.

Thank you again,



Dear Angela,

I would like to thank you and all the staff at Oxford House for the sensitive support provided to myself and my parents over Dad's stroke. The sensitive texts I received from you while I was on holiday were very reasuring, Angela, thank you; they must have taken a long time to compose.

Thank you for understanding and responding to Mum's distress at Dad's absence by going over and beyond duty of care by taking her to visit Dad in hospital.

I know they both really appreciated this gesture. Above all I am further reminded that I am not alone in the care, support and responsibility of my parents.

Thank you all so much.

Best wishes



Dear Angela and Staff,

I would like to thank you and your staff for looking after my Mum and making her life comfortable! and it was nice of you and your staff to come to the funeral.

Best wishes


Sarah, Craig, Alex, Ellie, John & Lizzie

To Everyone at Oxford House

We just wanted to say a BIG THANK YOU for a lovely afternoon celebrating the Queen's Jubilee.

We all thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and it was great to be part of the celebrations.

Once again, many thanks

Sarah, Craig, Alex, Ellie, John & Lizzie

Doreen & Candy

Dear Angela and Dear Everyone at Oxford House Nursing Home

Just a note to say a very big thank you for a lovely Jubilee party on Saturday afternoon 9/6/2012 the weather was kind to us.

Thank you for a lovely spread of food etc it was so nice to meet the families of the residents.

Well done to you all.

Love Doreen & Candy

Doreen, Mandy and Val

Dear All,

Thank you so much for inviting us to the Jubilee party last Sunday. Mum, Mandy and I had a lovely day. the food was delicious and the weather was great.

We enjoyed the music and chatting to the staff, residents and their families.

You all worked really hard to make it a very special day spent with lovely people.

Thank you again

Love and best wishes from

Doreen, Mandy and Val